About Raubach Farm


Set in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, the Raubach Farm is a serene intertwining of rolling pasture and wooded area featuring a mixture of evergreen trees, oaks (some well over 100 years old) and other foliage. The farm is 61 acres and includes three barns, two ponds, and a variety of animals.
The farm is in West Knoxville about a half mile from Melton Hill lake, one of East Tennessee’s most scenic waterways. The farm is less than 30 minutes from downtown Knoxville and the University of Tennessee and about an hour from Smokey Mountain National Park providing ample opportunities for the guests and ourselves to explore the area outside the farm when a break from farm chores is warranted.
We have had, and still have, a variety of animals at the farm including pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, turkeys, guinea hens, horses, mini-horses, a cow, dogs, and cats. While there has been some commercial activity at the farm, such as selling fresh farm raised eggs, breeding and selling goats, and boarding horses, ultimately the purpose of the farm is to provide a safe and comfortable place for the animals to reside. A number of the animals, including most of the horses are rescues. We spend many hours a week working with the animals, especially those that came out of abusive environments in order to get them back to the point where they feel comfortable with human interaction.

History of the Farm

We both grew up in traditional neighborhoods and so farming was a new endeavor we took on together after marrying in 2010. Our first foray into agriculture involved a seven-acre mini farm in Oklahoma City, OK with two horses. After David took a job in Knoxville, TN in 2013, we decided to look for the opportunity to expand.
We ultimately found a 58-acre plot of land owned by Clara and Burl Bowman that had been in their family for over 150 years. The Bowman’s were in their 80s without any heirs interested in taking over the farm and so needed to divest of the property. However, they were insistent upon only selling to someone motivated to carry on their farming tradition.
They were skeptical at first of the young couple from Oklahoma claiming they were learning how to farm (and David showing up from work in a suit to the first meeting probably didn’t help), but ultimately gave us a chance. Five years later the we close with the Bowman’s and they love what has been done to honor their family legacy.

About the Raubach Family

We are both from Tulsa, OK although we did not meet until our mid 20s. We were setup on a blind date by a mutual friend and found an immediate connection with each other. David proposed to Hillary at her grandparents’ cattle ranch in the Sand Hills of Nebraska, a place near and dear to Hillary’s heart. We married in the mountains of Colorado in a beautiful snowy wedding on January 3rd, 2010.
Hillary is an attorney by trade, having graduated from Oklahoma City University Law School in 2012. She currently practices corporate law at a large company head quartered in Knoxville, TN. David studied history in undergraduate school at the University of Oklahoma and then completed an MBA at Oklahoma State University. After a couple of years in the oil and gas industry David transitioned into healthcare and has been working in the healthcare industry for the past nine years. He and two partners currently own a healthcare development and management company with expertise in the proton therapy industry.
We are very active with the Department of Child Services in Tennessee and have been foster parents since early 2018. The children placed with us love getting to spend time with the animals, and the animals provide a therapeutic outlet for many of the children who come into the foster system from difficult circumstances. It is amazing to see the bond the children form specifically with the animals who also came out of challenging environments. We are grateful for this incredible opportunity to work with so many amazing kids.
When not farming, working, or taking care of kids, we enjoy going to concerts, watching football, hiking, spending time with friends, and volunteering.