Overall the Animals Charity


It is our hope and goal that anyone or any animal that comes to our farm, whether temporarily or permanently, feels loved, provided for and safe. Overall The Animals is the not-for-profit arm of Raubach Farm created to serve this mission for animals coming out of dangerous, abusive, or neglected situations. We partner with local rescue organizations including Horse Haven of Tennessee and East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue.
Animals rescued and cared for at the Raubach Farm by Overall The Animals to date include:

Additionally, we have had the opportunity to be involved with the foster care system in both Oklahoma and Tennessee. In Oklahoma, Hillary was a guardian ad litem, providing legal representation, free of charge, to children placed into the foster system. In Tennessee, after four months of training, we opened up our farm as a foster home. We have been blessed to have ten different children stay with us from as short as an overnight stay to as long as four months.

The children fostered at the Raubach Farm have the opportunity to engage with and learn about all of the animals at the Farm, but they especially bond with the animals rescued and cared for by Overall The Animals. There is a sense of bonding for the children with the animals when they hear about their stories and begin to understand that they may have similar backgrounds or experiences.

We are so thankful for the opportunities we have had to date and look forward to being a blessing to the community and to children and animals around East Tennessee in the months and years to come.